12 reasons

12 reasons to use STELKOR and DEPREKAN

1. Overall recovery and revitalising of the entire organism

The Stelkor and Deprekan preparations do not only deal with the results of illnesses, but also remove the cause of their formation.

2. The preparations are made from a natural base without CHEMICALS, without GMO, and
without GELATINE

Stelkor and Deprekan are created ONLY on the basis of natural and ecologically clean substances, and are completely safe for people, animals and plants.

3. Stelkor boosts and activates the immune system

Stelkor aids quick regeneration of the immune system and the prevention of intestinal microflora, e.g. after taking antibiotics and other medicines of a chemical nature. The bacillus subtilis bacterium releases alfa-2 interferon into the human body, creating protection for cells against unwanted viruses, fungi and bacteria.

4. The bacillus bacteria family has the ability to create a natural antibiotic

When the bacteria from Stelkor and Deprekan get into the human body, they do their own research and identify pathogenic viruses and bacteria. They subsequently create antibiotics in such quantities that are able to deal with any given problem. The strains of the bacillus bacteria have the ability to create up to around 200 types of natural substances useful to humans (including up to around 40 natural antibiotic). The human body does not create an addiction to natural antibiotics. These natural antibiotics do not allow pathogenic viruses or bacteria to form mutations (resistance).

5. Alkalisation – deacidification of the whole organism, the induction of an alkaline

The bacillus bacterium creates an alkaline environment around itself, which helps the body to deacidify. This contributes to the overall improvement of the human organism because pathogenic microorganisms (pathogenic germs) live and multiply mainly in an acidic environment.

6. Stelkor and Deprekan enrich the organism with vitamins and proteins

The bacillus bacterium creates complex vitamins B6 and B12, as well as countless enzymes important for the functioning of the whole body. The bacillus bacterium is additionally able to independently produce proteins, which contain all the amino acids necessary for building the whole body (tissue, muscles, organs, etc.)

7. Stelkor and Deprekan have an antiallergenic and antioxidating effect

8. Stelkor and Deprekan aid the digestive process

The bacillus bacterium releases large amounts of digestive enzymes, which support the digestion of food in the body. The enzymes which the bacterium removes can easily penetrate fungi, viruses and damaging bacteria, and destroy them from the inside.

9. Stelkor and Deprekan clean the small and the large intestine, removing rotting processes

Stelkor and Deprekan have the ability to dissolve even long-term deposits of undigested food and therefore stop further rotting and the release of toxins into the human organism.

10. A positive economic effect

Using these preparations requires no special preliminary analysis or examination. The bacteria that get into the body conduct their own analysis, on the basis of which they perfectly create and select the type and dose of antibiotics to completely destroy the pathogenic organisms.

11.Perfect quality of the preparations

Before the preparations are dispatched they undergo several checks for quality and effectiveness in the laboratory.

12. Stelkor and Deprekan have no side effects and contain no addictive substances.