Characteristics of the preparation and the principles of its effect

Characteristics of the preparation and the principles of its effect

When the preparation is used internally, bacteria are activated in the digestive system. The bacteria can be there for 2 to 3 days and then they are completely eradicated from the body. During this period the bacteria produce a whole range of biologically active substances, e.g. proteins, peptides, enzymes and vitamins, but they also induce the production of human interferon alpha-2 in the body (interferon – the protein responsible for creating immunity).

The products from the life of the bacteria normalise the functioning of glands in internal secretion, destroy pathogenic microbes, and support the digestion of food, which leads to the normal operation of the digestive tract and to the reproduction of healthy microflora, a reduction in or even elimination of gassiness, diarrhoea and constipation. Biologically active substances contribute to the removal of allergic reactions, also having a positive influence on the human body as a result of food, chemical, biological or alcohol poisoning. It destroys cancerous cells and tumours in various parts of the body, while healthy cells remain undamaged. Interferon induced with bacteria increases overall immunity and antiviral protection in the body.

Using Stelkor and Deprekan improves the overall condition of the human
body during many viral illnesses and other types of infection.


  • It is recommended to take Stelkor after food, allowing it to naturally
    dissolve in the mouth.
  • It is not recommended to take Stelkor at the same time as antibiotics,
    which may destroy the essential activity of the bacteria used in this preparation.

What defines the effect of the Stelkor preparation?

• Frequency of use – the more often the preparation is taken the higher its
• The preparation cannot be used with antibiotics. It is necessary to leave a
gap of at least 24 hours between taking Stelkor and antibiotics..

The side effects of using Stelkor and Deprekan have not been ascertained.
Unfavourable effects and complications from taking the preparations are
not described. It is not possible to overdose on them.

Stelkor and Deprekan are completely harmless.