What is Stelkor?

Stelkor is a supplement which is an extract of spelt sprouts and can be categorised in the group of probiotics. It is a natural antibiotic which does not destroy microflora, but which itself is a microflora and only fights against pathogenic microbes and viruses.

Stelkor is a product with highly effective ingredients containing a wide range of biostimulants, supporting the process of activating new life from a sleeping seed. The main active components of the extract are specific bacteria called Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus Licheniformis. In natural conditions these bacteria live in symbiosis with grains. They are contained in this product in the form of stable spores and are mixed with glucose.
Stelkor and Deprekan are created ONLY on the basis of natural and ecologically clean substances, and are completely safe for people, animals and plants. The preparations do not only deal with the results of illnesses, but also remove the cause of their formation.
Using these preparations requires no special preliminary analysis or examination. The bacteria that get into the body conduct their own analysis, on the basis of which they perfectly create and select the type and dose of antibiotics to

completely destroy the pathogenic organisms.