Central European Warehouse STELK LLC

The Central European Warehouse is the official representative office of the Russian company STELK (Novosibirsk city) in the European Union.

The warehouse was created to improve the quality of service for European wholesaleand retail customers. It exclusively represents the interests of the manufacturer of the probiotics Stelkor, Deprekan and Vilista in the European Union.

Advantages of working with the Central European Warehouse:

  • Guaranteed high quality preparations. All probiotics are delivered to the warehouse directly from the Novosibirsk laboratory, which excludes the possibility of acquiring fakes.
  • All preparations are legalized in the EU. The preparations stored in the Warehouse have passed customs clearance and all the procedures for legalization and payment of taxes required by European legislation.
  • Certification. We are holders of certificates that allow us to sell the Stelkor and Deprekan preparations legally in the Czech and Slovak Republics, in addition to sending them to all EU countries.
  • Convenient location. The central European warehouse is located in the central part of the European Union – in the Czech Republic, which ensures the convenience of probiotics logistics to any EU country. The warehouse office is located in the historical center of Prague.
  • Favorable conditions for business cooperation. Due to high turnover of the preparations, we minimize logistics and customs costs. Therefore, we offer our business partners competitive prices and attractive discount systems.
  • Retail sales. For retail customers in the EU countries where there are no official STELK distributors, we ship products promptly and at reasonable prices.
  • Efficiency. We process customer requests within 1 business day and provide each client with an individual approach.
  • Free consultation. We provide our clients with individual advice on the use of products. In this case, we use a unique prescription base, developed on the basis of recommendations of the manufacturer, as well as on the basis of the practical use of preparations by our customers..
  • We speak 4 languages: Russian, English, Czech and Ukrainian.


For all questions of business cooperation, as well as retail product purchases, please
contact the administration of the Central European Warehouse.